"On this day, we mark a glorious event…"

"Since the ancient times, when the world was forged from rock and fire, and was blessed with earth and water, there have always been those that feel a longing, a desire, to go beyond what was expected. This longing led the first bird to southern lands when the winters came, so it could stay warm and fed. It led the first fish to swim up the stream rather then down, and lay it's eggs there so it's young stood a better hope of surviving. It led the mammals to stockpile an abundance of food to prepare for hibernation. Life as we know it exists because of those that felt the desire, the lust, to go beyond what was expected, and what was needed."

"And since the dawn of time, the cycle has kept turning. No matter how bleak or grim the future seemed for our world, life has never stopped completely. Things have changed, they morphed, they evolved… but they never stopped. Kingdoms rise and fall, men and women die, and new life is created with birth. We do our parts to ensure this cycle continues, in our own way. Yet it is the strangest thing that we never truly get to see the fruits of our labor. No creature, not even the mystical Elves, will live for an eternity. no creature will ever see if they were successful in keeping life moving forward forever. It makes men like me go nearly mad, with nothing better to do then sit on our haunches, look at the stars, and ponder the fate of our world. But everyone else, every other living creature that works to keep life moving, rarely ponder what next month will bring, let alone eternity. They work hard to keep their own lives moving, and those they are responsible for."

"These creatures are the universe's miracle workers; the everyman that every living creatures owes existence to. We are all connected to each in other in this way. We work together to keep not only our lives, but all life, moving. The farmer that cuts the wheat, the baker that makes delicious breads with the wheat, the soldier fighting to keep his homeland safe who eats it, and the Lord who commands his men to keep them alive. We are indebted to all, and all our indebted to us."

"But… as much as the cycle must continue, it must also change. And that is why, on this blessed day, we celebrate. I have watched the stars dutifully. I have catalogued the movements, and found the patterns. I checked my results thrice, and invited all the learned men and women from the four corners to see me. They all stood, checked them thrice as I did, and wept with me, in disbelief, and in awe. For they all saw that the time, has come."

"The Wheel is changing once again."
"The Age of the Burning Wheel has begun!"

The Burning Wheel - A Call to Glory

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