Niele Masuyo Naneko

Sorcerer Apprentice


Her First Beliefs…

Learn about the real world around me and get out of this sheltered life to find my true companion.

She wants to learn the diplomatic ways of Osric by following him and observing.

Murder should never be an option, there’s diplomatic ways to solve problems.


At the start of her life, Niele was born into a small happy family. First and only child, her parents died a few months after her birth when a creature not from this plane appeared in their house. Before the beast could kill the baby, a family friend drove it off. From the blood of the demon, Niele was touched with magical effects.
The man who saved her became her guardian and caretaker. A man she simply calls “Uncle”, he raised her in Stillwater where he was a guard at in his youth. Now with his own children grown and him being retired, he had plenty of time to teach Niele about the world, though leaving out most of the undesirable parts. Occasionally his children and grandchildren came to play with Niele, but she was an overall sheltered and shy child.
What was unusual about her was her strange bursts of magic. It was only noticeable once she was around 9. One time, when Niele was playing alone in front of her home, a large sneeze of smoke came from her, exploding in front of her and covering her with the after effects. A woman watched this and embarrassed from the spectator, Niele quickly headed back inside. A few years later when she was old enough to leave the nest, her Uncle managed to get her admission into the college for magic. From then on, Niele started a new chapter in her life.
Surrounded by a new environment and new people, Niele was always shy around people. Sticking with her mentor all of the time, she learned to warm up to people by helping his class. Her classmates immediately fell in love with the child-like spirit she had and she became quite popular in her class. With so many friends now, Niele graduated and decided to continue helping the school for the next few years.
Time went on and life became a routine. Waiting, Niele hopes for something exciting to happen and hopefully find someone right for her.

Niele Masuyo Naneko

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