The Burning Wheel - A Call to Glory

The Journey Begins

As The Wheel Lights Aflame...

Our journey began with Kortho Renue, young aspiring sorcerer and noble by day, vigilante by night, being left in control of the family estate by his father, as he leaves for a prolonged time. The night after his departure, Kortho’s friend Felzer came to his room with troubling news. The lycanthrope criminal Razor Ramon has been spotted on the other side of The Bridge of the Septem, travelling with a gang of other werewolves. Knowing he was outnumbered, but wanting to see justice done, the two friends set out to gather a team together to take on this menace.

They set out to the village Sinvicta, to gather the heretical priest Nym Virynore. The priest refused initially, but after his companion and friend Midori decided to join, he felt obligated to come along. Midori, Kortho, and Felzer then set off to find The Hermit Huntsman, Kibbeth L. Madona. Travelling to the foothills, they found her cabin. She was reluctant as well, until the mention of werewolves being their quarry. Upon hearing that, she immediately geared up, and set off with them. From there, they split up. While the rest of the group returned to Talon, Felzer set off southwest, to the village of Stillwater, to find another ally…

Felzer arrived in the temple of Stillwater late at night, to find Father Osric Cordwainer deep in prayer. He, also, was reluctant to go, but eventually came around to the idea after hearing what Ramon was up to.

The next day, while the group gathered up in Kortho’s hidden cottage, Kortho and Felzer set off to find the last two they had in mind. Kortho went to find Sacha, the murderous vigilante with a brutal streak, who the previous night, had murdered a man who’s wife was found butchered in his home with an axe (he was innocent, of course, but Sacha “knows better”). She agreed without another moments thought upon hearing the name Ramon. Meanwhile, at the University of Talon, Felzer was talking to Niele Masuyo Naneko, a young sorceress. After Felzer explained the situation, she agreed to help.

The party returned to the cottage, to find Nym and Osric butting heads, the two of them being of opposite faiths. After gathering together, they all collectively went “Damn!” when they realized none of them had any real clue as to go about dealing with an entire werewolf gang. Kibbeth then went to find an expert, her friend Enrique (Circles). He told them that they’re going to need a few things before they head off to face Ramon.

Silvered Weapons
The people to use them
And the coin to pay for all of it
A Writ of Passage

Osric and Niele tried to gather up some donations from the market; +1 Cash

Nym, Midori, and Sacha went off to find Nym’s friend, Sebastian LeSeane, a trademaster in Talon. It took a bit of convincing (and the promise of sex) to get him to tell the group where a good place to get some silvered weapons quickly would be.

Kortho remembered he knew a mercenary captain, Salaorgn (Circles) who may have some paying work; however, Salorgn harbors a grudge against his family after a bad business deal years ago.

Kibbeth contacted her friend Lord Aswood to secure a Writ of Passage across the Bridge of the Septem. Despite being a good friend, he was hesitant given the current state of the relationship between Tallonius and Casmirr, the kingdom that rules the other side of the bridge. He agreed, however, after Kibbeth agreed to do some digging on the other side of the border; he wants to know if Casmirr is gearing up for an attack; +1 Writ of Passage

And that, my friends, is where we draw this chapter to a close…


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