Kortho Renue

Unforgiving Vigilante


His First Beliefs…

I am a hidden champion of justice and evil will fear the thought of me and flee the city.

There was a criminal I was unable to stop and they have become a more prominent criminal that I must bring to justice.

Niele and I disagree on ways to stop criminals, she is wrong and I want her to see that.



Born into the noble merchant family Renue. Father Richard Renue and mother Sarina.

Drawn to sorcery and intrigued by it in my early years I began a life studying it where I eventually found out to be gifted and able to use magic. After learning some magic I eventually left my studies when my family was being plagued by a string of robberies targeting our family business. I took it upon myself to learn about who was doing this by trying to lie and disguise who I was and learn about who was behind this. My eyes became open to such a large criminal element in the city and while I wanted to do something about it I had no real means. After some searching I got a hold of some instructions on a powerful magic and secluded myself to learn it in secret and deal with all the criminals I could in my own way. I ended up disguising myself and seeking out criminals at night often. On one of the nights I was able to thwart a few criminals from robbing a local shop by striking them down with white fire but one did get away from me as I became taxed from my magic.

Kortho Renue

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