The Burning Wheel - A Call to Glory

An Encounter With Another World

Nym and Midori were able to gather some silvered weapons from a dwarven blacksmith named Bjarn Thunderbeard at Thunder Forged.
Osric and Niele were able to raise some coin to fund the expedition and Osric received a blessing from Bishop Berkeley while Niele researched werewolves.
Kortho secured the group a potential job with his mercenary “friends”, led by Salaorgn to earn some more money to hire extra hands – clearing out tribals who have been worring the villagers of Fezzer.
Travelling to the village of Fezzer, we met the mayor, Davenfield and were informed about a group of tribals gathering around a totem nearby as a religious pilgrimage. He wants them gone before they endanger the townsfolk.
We managed to convince the tribesfolk, through Midori’s fierce debate skills, to pay tribute to the people of Fezzer, and agree to not harass the farmers, as long as the villagers do not bother them while they pray.


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